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77 Bombay Street – Up In The Sky – Official Video (Animated) from Arnaud Janvier on Vimeo.

Ah…More hallucinatory glee.

I just like to bring you a little fantasy – musical escapes full of Peter Max colors and lush dreamscapes….

Raise your paws, if I’m not making you happy as all Hell…or Heaven :)


The Bunny

And We Are Left Wondering Where It Is, Exactly, That One Can Purchase This Bubble Gum.

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The Bunny

I love it when my pastries get totally delusional on me. Watch this toast’s teeny furry friend assist him in his plot to eliminate the unenlightened reign of the complacent Pistachio Nut Shelling public. (Which may be us) I’m not fully certain…but I have the odd feeling that the people reading this blog may be on the side of The Toast.


The Bunny

Please, Children, Scooch Forward. Don’t Make me tell you again about the schooching.

 minusmanhattan: Christopher Walken reads The Three Little Pigs.Found By Sharon Turner on Pinterest

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+ high-res version


It’s Vincent van Gogh’s birthday! To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Sesamstraat, the Dutch version of Sesame Street, Sesame Workshop partnered with the Amsterdam-based Vincent van Gogh Museum, where Bedroom in Arles hangs, to recreate a version of the famous painting featuring Elmo, Bert, Ernie and the beloved Sesamstraat MuppetsTM  Ienie Mienie, Tommie, Purk and Pino. The special painting, which was unveiled by Sesamstraat actor Frank Groothof, was on display at the museum in December 2011.

Read more about it here.


I cannnot wait. Hold me down. I may already be there.

Gotye – No Autoplay

“Somebody That I used to Know,” from Making Mirrors

+ high-res version

“Real Men Take No For An Answer”


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An English girl comforts her doll in the rubble of her bomb-damaged home in 1940.

From Fox Photos/Getty Images

Maternal Instincts.

+ high-res version

from Paranoid Android

this is like a beautiful migraine.


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