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First Something amazing and Sweet – And Then What You Can Do For the Reality of Hurricane Victims


I’m hoping that this post finds you alive and well – Particularly those of you that have been in the eye of the storm.

The Electric Snow Show was conceived in an East Coast storm.

Our electric snow show was not comparable to Hurricane Sandy – we had the sort of gothic and awesome combination of lightning and snow at the same time that could have inspired all sorts of tragedy, but it came and went in what was compared to Sandy, a divine instant.

We cannot neglect to include things for the victims and the heroes and all of those in between the Hurricane at what has now become theThe Electric Snow Show Collection of blogs. Over at, we have a link to an excellent post that includes many ways to help the animals of the storm…And now, here is more information on how to help all of the creatures – even those with two legs – that have been affected.

Please share this post with as many people as you can, in the hopes of helping even one individual make it a little more comfortably through these rough moments. You may save lives.

Be Warm, Be Dry, Be Well – I Love You,

Bunny Cord and The Electric Snow Show Collection


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Now, Here We Go:

~ Occupy Sandy / ~

A coordinated relief effort to help distribute resources and volunteers to help neighborhoods and people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The genius name and idea – in my humble opinion, probably the most productive one to come out of the OCCUPY efforts in New York is on twitter at (@OccupySandy)

Make sure to hashtag appropriately, such as #OccupySandy

They have a wedding registry at Amazon, like many non-profits these days, where the spoils go to Hurricane Sandy donations – So instead of gifting Bob and Judy with a punch bowl – You can give or chip in to donate, say –  a cb radio to the relief efforts.

The registry can be found at

     the OccupySandy Storm Effort overview can be found at

To request aid, text SANDY to 69866

To offer aid, text MUTUALAID to 69866 General inquiries :


~ The CBS Local Guide for Various Relief Efforts ~ is at

This list includes the general (Feeding America, the local – New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Chapters of The Red Cross and The Salvation Army, etc…special New York City and New Jersey Sections and Thank Heavens, a little Pet section) These listings are comprised largely of the Big Go-To-Guys in times of crisis and you may have already have thought of them. Then again, the poo has hit the fan – they are worth mentioning and passing around again and again.

CBS also has a ~Disaster Relief Information and Resources Guide~ at :

Hurricane Sandy Victims Need Your, Too.

CBS’ Volunteer and Donation for The Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort :

~Speaking of The Big Ones: The Red Cross donations:

Incidentally, have you seen the stipulations they have about using their logo? I have. I am slightly frightened! Brand Quality is being enforced, and rightfully so – But they sure do make it hard to include a button here – So, no button for you – Be a big kid and click on the links, yourself.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Red Cross, please be aware that you should be Over 16, Available to lift and carry 50 pounds, and “comfortable working with people in stressful situations,” Hello, New Yorkers with their backs intact! Surely, they must have positions for people that are not able to lift and haul a medium-sized dog – Let’s hope.

~Search for Open Red Cross Shelters by texting SHELTER and a ZIP CODE to 43362 (4FEMA) Ex. Shelter01234 (standard rates apply)~

~Your Pets! Your Pets! Someone’s Pets! The Animals! NEVER FORGET THE ANIMALS. WE ARE THEIR ONLY HOPE.

~I have a Facebook community that updates everyone that signs up on various animal issues, opportunities, and adoptions

PLEASE sign up! I don’t even have my URL from Facebook, yet – I would love to be able to count you among the people that made it possible –

Additionally, there is a wordpress site and a Tumblr – Yes, they are spelled differently.

Yes, the sites are different.Yes, I STILL want you to sign up for Facebook’s page on Animal Circus Bezerkus at Network with other animal lovers and discover all kinds of rescues and animal charities in the same place that you see animal art, humor and inspiration. You will NOT be bombarded with stomach-churning images. I know that you know that they are out there – I am your go-between. I understand that more people will be a part of the site if we do not rely on traumatic imagery – Now, where are those of you that want to be part of the site, by the way? Raise of paws, please. The latest hurricane Sandy pet posting is at

~Remember to simply reach out on Twitter, Facebook – even MySpace and LinkedIn and Tumblr- The Blogosphere is wonderful – Look up blogs on WordPress, since you might be here, anyway! The rescues and relief organizations that often get forgotten can be the very ones that can get to someone that has not received aid – This is the time to Network!

On Twitter, There are many leaders to Follow @SandyUpdatesNY for More

~Be a leader, yourself and post the short link to this article at :

~Out and About and Safe? Lucky You! Share the love and volunteer – and don’t forget all of the wonderful events for Hurricane Sandy relief that are happening. Just make sure that you know how much is going where – and go there.

~Stuck indoors but have time and funds? Then, Vogue. Unique items and events are up for auction on Charity-buzz ~ A night with Anna Wintour is currently going for $16,000. Also, a signed copy of the Rodarte book is up for $100.

A Concert for Sandy Relief is being planned by those who planned the historic 9/11 benefit show, “The Concert for New York City,” It will be produced by James Dolan of Madison Square Garden, John Sykes of Clear Channel Entertainment and Harvey Weinstein. It will benefit the tri-state area’s victims of their latest Hurricane. (courtesy James Farber of the New York Daily News)

It is slated to be called 12-12-12:

Stay Safe, You are Loved.

Regarding the Video: “Inspired, in equal measures, by Hurricane Katrina, Buster Keaton, The Wizard of Oz, and a love for books, “Morris Lessmore” is a story of people who devote their lives to books and books who return the favor. The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is a poignant, humorous allegory about the curative powers of story. Using a variety of techniques (miniatures, computer animation, 2D animation) award winning author/ illustrator William Joyce and Co-director Brandon Oldenburg present a hybrid style of animation that harkens back to silent films and M-G-M Technicolor musicals. “Morris Lessmore” is old fashioned and cutting edge at the same time.”

The-Electric-Snow-Show Collection : The Ongoing Struggle and The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy - What Can We Do?Hurricane Sandy Victims Need You, Too.

77 Bombay Street – Up In The Sky – Official Video (Animated) from Arnaud Janvier on Vimeo.

Ah…More hallucinatory glee.

I just like to bring you a little fantasy – musical escapes full of Peter Max colors and lush dreamscapes….

Raise your paws, if I’m not making you happy as all Hell…or Heaven :)


The Bunny

And We Are Left Wondering Where It Is, Exactly, That One Can Purchase This Bubble Gum.

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I found this little glitterbug of a post cowering in the draft bin, so I marked it up here and there –


Dear Almost-Valentine,*

*(Yes, this is from the deadly point in time that I was convinced that you had to WRITE LONG THINGS to have a blog.)

 I’ve been saving up updates for you for a good reason….I’m recovering from The Bronchitis That’s Raged All Over NYC and LA and Miami and Underneath Toadstools and In-Between-Hidey-Holes-Everywhere-All-Winter-Flu*.

Guess what!

I lived. I know. I know. Better luck next time, All.

 Have you been to ? They “sell” (pass your dimes along to someplace truly better and give you something in the meantime – kind of like Money Heaven) fantastic-fitting shirts for men, women and children for well, men, women and children who will benefit from a different cause every week…

Despicable You – You’ve Fallen in Love with a New Cause, Who Knew?

     One of my favorite things, particularly at a time when I can’t do much else, is to indulge in what I call…”Charity Therapy.” or better yet, “Chairity.” Chairity can be done from (a waiting room) chair instead of sifting through the sniffle-laden Ladies Home Journals and Highlights Magazines in your adult pediatrician’s office while you wait for a diagnosis of  some new flu that you’re quite certain must have been transferred to you by an otherwise unseen netherworld plague doctor and/or perhaaaaps  a blister pack of Tamiflu and horehound throat drops.* You can really start doing your Chairity Charity in any chair at all.

 (No need to wait for the plague)

A nifty place to start is at Sevenly.Org. The site is a veritable variety-pack of charities – curated life-changers and of  life-savers to the recipients of your “modest” donations (these donations are so modest that the word, cleavage  -*Hello, Google rank – I said, “cleavage”…wait, no, I said, “Celebrity Cleavage!” Read me!*- makes them gasp and blush)

Your newfound ability to lay moral superiority over the causeless t-shirt wearers  aside, if you boast a Sevenly shirt, you’ll actually WEAR the shirt for a change (pun intended) outside of the house and not just on laundry day (i.e. yodeling otherwise naked in the basement) You’ll realize that you’ve done a little something to help someone or someplace every time that you gaze upon your combed cotton chest. People will ask you about your wonderful shirt. You will tell them. And they will tell someone else. And you won’t just be JackAss-in-a-T-Shirt-Yodeling-in-their-Basement-on-Laundry-Day. You will be a person who helps change the world. Good, yes?


The causes from which you can choose a tee shirt include : War-Torn Africa, Sex-Slavery, and Poverty

The in-roads to help these causes may be new to you…The affiliated charities are often offbeat and under-publicized.



“Restore war-abducted children,” (i.e. GET THE KIDS SOMEPLACE SAFE) by sending mentally and physically tortured young people forced to fight against their will (terrified into thinking that they cannot come home) messages FROM home via giant FM speakers in a partnership with, “AMPLIFY PEACE” and “The Voice Project.” For more information, watch the video at the end of this blog, enjoy the gorgeous Folk song that accompanies it, and in under a minute, you’ll probably be fiending to get your mittens on a shirt – or anything that will help you carry the melodious message of The Voice Project. By enabling the war-hostage children to hear speaker-boomed and radio-streamed messages and songs sung to them in their native tongue of Acholi by their own families and ex-abductees,  the voice project finds one of the ONLY ways that these child-warriors can be reached With messages of hope. The idea that they CAN “come home,” without being re-imprisoned or killed is often a revelation that breaks the cycle of brainwashing and terror that has resulted in war for 25 years.

                                                                                                                                                       AMPLIFY PEACE from The Voice Project on Vimeo.

The Voice Project * Amplify Peace

 The Voice Project is an amazing site, in itself*, BUT if you’d like to broadcast their message and have something besides the feel-good-bumps-all-over, scoring a $7 to $22 t-shirt or two via Sevenly.Org is one of the best ways.

Sevenly’s logo is,simply “One Tee. One Week. One Cause.” Even the packaging is cooler than all-get-out, as the pouch that your shirt arrives in proclaims in inspiring, grass-green font : “Look At You, Changing the World and Stuff.” Please be sure to read the footnote for info on Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros’ Alex and Chris’ song, “Home,” with “The Gulu Widows.”

Love and Best, You LoveBugs, And Happy-2012,


(The Bunny)

*Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros’ Alex and Chris were some of the  first and most resounding voices involved with The Voice Project. is story was told – The “Up From Below” Documentary release party and money raised were combined to benefit Ugandan Women. (VoiceProject.Org) Chris and Alex did a remix of, “Home,” with The Gulu Choir / The Gulu Widows’ voices. It is available via The Hope Album on Itunes.

** To be fair, if you came here for celebrity-clevage, I have to give it to you:


It’s after the jump:


Please, Children, Scooch Forward. Don’t Make me tell you again about the schooching.

 minusmanhattan: Christopher Walken reads The Three Little Pigs.Found By Sharon Turner on Pinterest

(Source: via  

+ high-res version


It’s Vincent van Gogh’s birthday! To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Sesamstraat, the Dutch version of Sesame Street, Sesame Workshop partnered with the Amsterdam-based Vincent van Gogh Museum, where Bedroom in Arles hangs, to recreate a version of the famous painting featuring Elmo, Bert, Ernie and the beloved Sesamstraat MuppetsTM  Ienie Mienie, Tommie, Purk and Pino. The special painting, which was unveiled by Sesamstraat actor Frank Groothof, was on display at the museum in December 2011.

Read more about it here.


I cannnot wait. Hold me down. I may already be there.

Gotye – No Autoplay

“Somebody That I used to Know,” from Making Mirrors


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